in·cen·tive.   n. A reward for a specific behavior, designed to encourage that behavior. Something that incites or leads to action or greater effort, as a reward offered for increased productivity.

The gift of travel is the perfect reward that motivates your employees to achieve your corporate objectives.  Corporate travel incentive programs can be targeted towards any company performance—such as selling, buying, distribution, customer service, attendance, safety awareness and morale.  Partner with CTS to develop your corporate incentive travel program.

CTS successfully develops employee rewards based on your business requirements, including providing tactical planning program arrangements, setup, on-site execution and program follow-up—including reporting and surveys.  All incentive programs are tailored to your specifications, regardless of size and scope.

CTS is a known leader when it comes to incentive travel.  CTS’s experienced staff are all experts in the field, providing extensive negotiations and contract management. They will work consultatively with you to ensure the best solutions and resources available. 

CTS incentive travel includes:

  • Budgeting - We will arrange all details of your incentive program and present you with a realistic budget for all the services necessary, including tickets, accommodations, events and activities.
  • Destination Research - CTS will research all available facilities located in your preferred destination. We will provide details on space, rates and date availability and any fees and charges that will apply.  
  • Site Selection - We will assist you in finding the perfect resort, hotel, or even a cruise line for your incentive programs. We will help you make an educated decision on the ideal incentive travel destination.  
  • Travel Purchasing and Transportation - As soon as you have selected the destination, CTS will negotiate the travel and transportation and present you with a fair and equitable contract for your review.
  • Entertainment & Speakers - No matter what type of entertainment needs you have, we will offer you options that will keep your program within budget.
  • Gifts and Logo Merchandise - Gifts and logo merchandise add a final touch to your incentive programs. CTS will help you find the perfect merchandise for your participants.
  • Program Design & Management - Our design experts will develop and manage your program, focusing on theme, content and message. 
  • Communications and Operations Planning - CTS will work closely with you to develop all communications needed and will assist in operations planning. We will help develop themes, content and design of your incentive travel programs.
  • Onsite Management - Participants will always have a contact person available to assist their needs. Also, our on-site staff will ensure that all collateral material; signage, agendas, and promotional items are in place and ready to go for your incentive programs.
  • Value-added options - Your participants will have customized options available to them, as part of your incentive programs.
  • Data Management - Our event management software provides event planners and organizers with total management, control and insight over every aspect of their events and attendees.